workshops & events​​

We invite you to join the
Foundation for its first annual Breathe Love
Give Online Auction November 14th-21st. Your
participation makes it possible to hear more
stories of individuals discovering the power
of breath in bringing unexplainable peace
and light to their dark places. With your help,
we can bring life-giving purpose to every
willing heart.
Whether you donate, bid, or share this event
with others, you help the Foundation build
the resources needed to transform and
nurture the spiritual landscapes of
communities worldwide where people
belong, heal, and grow. The foundation trains
and supports Holy Yoga Instructors as they
faithfully pursue what God has put on their
heart to do. 
Click here for a sneak peak!

teacher training

Pam and Mia have had the priviledge of building and participating in teacher training programs that produce intelligent and intuitive YA certified instructors working from Maine to Hawaii.

Together they have nearly 2000 hours of training, 20 years experience and 5000+ teaching hours.
gen·e·sis yoga teacher training focuses on teaching instructors how to intelligently sequence classes that make sense to their students and innately to their student's bodies.  We concentrate on healthful yoga for various populations and how to cue to diversity in anatomy.

We believe knowledge begets confident instructors and in turn, their students benefit from safe, intelligent and interesting classes!



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