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BARRE - an awesome mix of functional strength training, Pilates and yoga with a focus on legs and core strength. In this class we work the tiny muscles that get missed in traditional strength classes. Come get long and lean, flexible and balanced while meeting new friends! All levels welcome.

BARRE 2.0 - This class is an awesome combination of barre (tiny muscles) and traditional large muscle strength. We will focus on injury prevention, functional strength and balance and will always finish with a good stretch! All levels welcome. 

everyBODY flow - Yoga is for every BODY! Our anatomy is the same, yet completely unique. gen•e•sis yoga recognizes that poses don't feel the same or look the same in every body. Therefore, how we move into and out of poses is unique to our body. Our instructors will lead you through an aligned practice offering modifications and variations that allow you to own your practice. Move from pose to pose in coordination with the breath building strength and flexibility along the way. This is a fun all-levels class that is vigorous, yet sustainable. Instructors offer modifications and variations, so you can make your practice what it is you need. Every part of your body will be awakened and brought into greater balance. 

HATHA YOGA - Postures are held for a longer period of time allowing you to fall deeply into the posture and receive the maximum physical and energetic benefits. This class is a relaxed-paced yoga practice that integrates breath work with deliberate muscle elongation, toning, and spatial awareness. The systematic relaxation, pranayama (breath-work), and meditation in this class is meant to harness the mind’s attention and the body's strength. We will explore the postures and work our way into waking up the body to help you step into your day. All Levels.

With Oils -  each class will use a variety of Young Living essential oils depending on the design of the class.  Optional Use

HOLY YOGA – a Christ honoring form of yoga open to believers and non-believers, alike.  It is an opportunity to connect.  We practice to contemporary/Christian music.  We have scripture.  We have prayer.  And we have fantastic YOGA! All levels welcome.​

RESTORATIVE FLOW– A practice designed to restore the nervous system - teaching the body and mind to slow down.  Restorative Flow helps release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Class begins with gentle stretching and then moves into the use of props to support the postures and allow your body to relax.  Restorative Flow creates an environment that allows one to have a meditative focus.

SLOW FLOW- A well balanced gentle vinyasa class which aims to create a tranquil environment where students are encouraged to move with the rhythm of their own breath and at their own pace.  Students of ALL LEVELS of experience are welcome. Variations will be presented for those wishing to go deeper and for those who are just beginning to feel comfortable in the practice of yoga, plenty of modifications are offered. Skillful assists and the use of props will help students achieve proper alignment and ensure the body is being protected and safe at all times.

STRONG45 - This class is all about head to toe strength. We will use a mix of weights, bands, and body weight. The focus will be to build lean muscle in a safe learning environment. Come for the challenge, the sweat and to meet new friends! All levels welcome. Modifiers will always be shown.

THERAPEUTIC YOGAAre you in search of a more calming and healing yoga practice? Therapeutic yoga is a deep and rewarding practice where yoga is used as a healing modality. The class is slow paced utilizing props and the wall for support.  Therapeutic yoga assists in increasing self-awareness and learning how to work within one’s own strengths and limitations. The goals of this practice can include reducing or eliminating symptoms that cause suffering while improving function and foundation. The practice addresses not just the muscular/skeletal body, but layers of circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems as well.  This is a practice for EveryBody: all body types, ages, and skill levels welcome.

YIN YOGA 75 min - A quiet, slow practice in which floor postures are held for longer periods of time. We work with the fascia  (connective tissue that underlies the skin, wraps the muscles, and holds the bones together) Over time chronic tightness of this layer causes stiffness and inflexibility, restricting mobility and energy flow. Fascia responds differently than muscle and requires this slow approach to facilitate opening. Yin is the perfect complement to balance a stronger, yang type of yoga and other sports. All levels.

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